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Homage to Kandinsky
Music is my life
Endless Love
Colorful Fish
Wild Party I
Natural Beauty Tulips II
Moon Dance
Take Five
Dancing Angels
Fun in the Sun II
Nude On Beach
Natural Beauty Tulips I
Parrot Family
Stroking the Keys
Orange Geometric Floral II
Love American Style III
Spontaneous Jam
Boogie Woogie Piano Man
Shades of Love - Chocolate
Jazz on the Square
Time To Say Goodbye
Blue Flowers In Vase
Spotlight On Guitar
Bold Sunflowers
Big Sunflower
Snoozing Nude
Jazz Explosion I
Rustic Flower Collage I
Giant Sunflower
Sun Dance
Romance in Red II
Come to me
big love
Circle of Love II
Jazz Explosion II
Bass-ic Instinct
Blues Club III
Streets of Morocco II
Midday Market II
True To Form
Fun in the Sun III
Time to Unwind I
Shades of Love - Lavender
Hoodoo Voodoo II
Field of Poppies
Field of Tulips
Relay Race II
Tuxedo Junction I
Wailing on the Sax
Fashion Shoes IV
Time to Unwind II
Oh Happy Day
Blues Club I
Studio Recording IV
Fun in the Sun VIII
Daisy Bouquet
Rustic Flower Collage II
Love American Style II
Wild Party II
Circle of Love I
Rhythmus II
Hearts & Flowers I
Sun Fish I
Karma Sutra I
Sunset Landscape II
Love American Style IV
Classic Cool II
Fun in the Sun I
Jagged Edge II
Studio Recording III
Star Dance
Jazz on the Circle
Riotous Red Bloom
Floral Pizzazz II
Shades of Love - Orange
Full Swing II
Metamorphosis IV
Blue Daisy
The Uplifted Heart
Coolest Jazz
Sailing the Caribbean I
Fashion Shoes II
Relay Race I
Body Language I (gold)
Mary's Bouquet II
Tres Silouette
Riotous Tulips III
Hot & Sassy IV
Karma Sutra III
Midday Market I
Ceremonial Dancers II
Trumpet Solo
Bachelor Party I
3 Yellow Tulips
Beautiful Balance II
Sun Fish II
Animals of the Veldt - Zebras
Blues Club IV
Riotous Tulips IV
Lady Plays The Blues
Flowers on the Square I
Sailing the Caribbean II
Moved By The Music V
Rhumba in Red I
Oh Happy Night
Play It Again I
Sunset Promises II
Flowers on the Square II
Metamorphosis III
Orange Geometric Floral I
Shades of Love - Cherry
Tuxedo Junction II
Flaming Hot I
Sunset Promises I
Playing Hide & Seek
Karma Sutra II
Red Poppies In Vase
Dity Dynamics V
Beautiful Balance I
Blues Club II
Evolution IV
A Light Repast II
Riotous Tulips II
Fashion Shoes III
Strolling I
Pole Vaulting
Turm-Oil I
Play It Again II
Downtown I
Multi-Hued Bottles III
Cup of Flower I
Evolution III
Paint the Town Red II
Striped Fish
Iris Grandeur
Paint the Town Red I
Orange Tulips
Sandstone Florals IV
Riotous Tulips I
Hoodoo Voodoo I
Hot & Sassy II
Spring Bouquet II
Evolution II
Jagged Edge I
Body Language II (gold)
Spring Bouquet III
Hearts & Flowers II
Spirits at Play II
Hot Spot I
Simplicity III
Classic Cool I
The Tree II
Moved By The Music VII
Turm-Oil II
Spring Bouquet IV
Escape I
Downtown IV
Arena I
Rhumba in Red II
Stars & Stripes II
Multi-Hued Bottles IV
Moved By The Music VI
Multi-Hued Bottles I
Evolution VII
Simplicity II
Deep Blue Dazzler
Dune Renewed II
Moved By The Music VIII
Sandstone Florals III
The Tree I
The Beat Goes On
City Dynamics III
Evolution I
Sandstone Florals I
Escape II
Hot & Sassy I
Shifting Symmetry II
Strolling II
Fashion Shoes I
Floral Pizzazz I
Influence of Gravity I
Dune Revisited II
court shenanigans ii
Hot Spot II
Downtown VIII
Downtown VI
Hot & Sassy III
Downtown II
Multi-Hued Bottles II
Sandstone Florals II
Starry Sunrise I
Evolution VI
Downtown III
Downtown VII
Alfred Gockel

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