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Homage to Kandinsky
Music is my life
Endless Love
Colorful Fish
Natural Beauty Tulips II
Wild Party I
Moon Dance
Take Five
Dancing Angels
Fun in the Sun II
Nude On Beach
Natural Beauty Tulips I
Parrot Family
Stroking the Keys
Love American Style III
Orange Geometric Floral II
Boogie Woogie Piano Man
Jazz on the Square
Spontaneous Jam
Shades of Love - Chocolate
Time To Say Goodbye
Blue Flowers In Vase
Spotlight On Guitar
Bold Sunflowers
Big Sunflower
Snoozing Nude
Jazz Explosion I
Rustic Flower Collage I
Sun Dance
Come to me
big love
Giant Sunflower
Romance in Red II
Circle of Love II
Jazz Explosion II
Bass-ic Instinct
Streets of Morocco II
Blues Club III
True To Form
Shades of Love - Lavender
Time to Unwind I
Fun in the Sun III
Hoodoo Voodoo II
Field of Poppies
Field of Tulips
Relay Race II
Midday Market II
Wailing on the Sax
Fashion Shoes IV
Time to Unwind II
Oh Happy Day
Tuxedo Junction I
Blues Club I
Studio Recording IV
Daisy Bouquet
Fun in the Sun VIII
Rustic Flower Collage II
Love American Style II
Wild Party II
Circle of Love I
Hearts & Flowers I
Karma Sutra I
Sun Fish I
Sunset Landscape II
Love American Style IV
Rhythmus II
Classic Cool II
Fun in the Sun I
Jagged Edge II
Star Dance
Studio Recording III
Jazz on the Circle
Riotous Red Bloom
Floral Pizzazz II
Metamorphosis IV
Shades of Love - Orange
Full Swing II
The Uplifted Heart
Blue Daisy
Coolest Jazz
Relay Race I
Sailing the Caribbean I
Fashion Shoes II
Tres Silouette
Body Language I (gold)
Riotous Tulips III
Karma Sutra III
Mary's Bouquet II
Midday Market I
Hot & Sassy IV
Trumpet Solo
Ceremonial Dancers II
Bachelor Party I
Beautiful Balance II
Sun Fish II
3 Yellow Tulips
Blues Club IV
Lady Plays The Blues
Animals of the Veldt - Zebras
Flowers on the Square I
Riotous Tulips IV
Moved By The Music V
Sailing the Caribbean II
Play It Again I
Oh Happy Night
Sunset Promises II
Flowers on the Square II
Rhumba in Red I
Metamorphosis III
Orange Geometric Floral I
Shades of Love - Cherry
Flaming Hot I
Tuxedo Junction II
Sunset Promises I
Playing Hide & Seek
Karma Sutra II
Dity Dynamics V
Red Poppies In Vase
Beautiful Balance I
Blues Club II
Evolution IV
Fashion Shoes III
Riotous Tulips II
A Light Repast II
Pole Vaulting
Strolling I
Turm-Oil I
Downtown I
Play It Again II
Evolution III
Multi-Hued Bottles III
Cup of Flower I
Paint the Town Red II
Iris Grandeur
Striped Fish
Paint the Town Red I
Sandstone Florals IV
Orange Tulips
Hoodoo Voodoo I
Hot & Sassy II
Spring Bouquet II
Jagged Edge I
Evolution II
Spring Bouquet III
Hearts & Flowers II
Hot Spot I
Classic Cool I
Simplicity III
The Tree II
Riotous Tulips I
Body Language II (gold)
Turm-Oil II
Spirits at Play II
Spring Bouquet IV
Escape I
Arena I
Stars & Stripes II
Moved By The Music VII
Downtown IV
Multi-Hued Bottles IV
Multi-Hued Bottles I
Rhumba in Red II
Moved By The Music VI
Simplicity II
Deep Blue Dazzler
Evolution VII
Moved By The Music VIII
Sandstone Florals III
Dune Renewed II
The Tree I
The Beat Goes On
City Dynamics III
Evolution I
Sandstone Florals I
Escape II
Hot & Sassy I
Strolling II
Influence of Gravity I
Shifting Symmetry II
Floral Pizzazz I
Dune Revisited II
Fashion Shoes I
court shenanigans ii
Hot Spot II
Downtown VIII
Downtown VI
Hot & Sassy III
Multi-Hued Bottles II
Sandstone Florals II
Downtown II
Evolution VI
Starry Sunrise I
Downtown III
Downtown VII
Alfred Gockel

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