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Elegance II
Northern Reflections - Loons
Nine Patch Canvas Art
Iris Nine Patch II
Himalayan memory
Elegance I
Modern Bamboo I
Orchid Lines II
Citrus Garden
Along the Garden Wall
Poppy Tile I
Rainforest Poppies
Orchid Nine Patch
Iris Sunrise
Oriental Journey II
Bamboo Garden
Passage to India
Nine Patch Canvas Art - Set
Spa Dreams
Bamboo Nine Patch II
String Theory
East Meets West II
Iris Nine Patch I
Tropical Nine Patch
Watching and Waiting
Blossom Tapestry I
Garden Delights II
Poet's Cause
Weatherprint_ Passage to India
Tranquil Garden
Artist's Garden
Oriental Blossoms III
Poppy Nine Patch
Joie de Vie (Joy of Life)
Spa Inspirations II
Tapestry_ Tropical Nine Patch (iii)
Ocean Voyage
Bamboo Nine Patch
Manhattan Garden
Iris Quilt
Spa Inspirations III
Modern Bamboo II
High and Mighty
Terrazzo Garden
Ferns & Grasses
Spa Inspirations IV
Hollyhock Garden
Water Garden I
Bamboo Division
Bamboo Concerto III
Summer Bloom
Dancing in the Wind
Leaf Lines II
Pompeii Patterns
Terra Cotta Garden
Tropical Nine Patch II
Weatherprint_ Rainforest Poppies
42 Views of my Garden
Poppy Tile II
Tapestry_ Iris Nine Patch I (i)
Garden Notes
Oriental Blossoms II
Garden Dance I
Garden Delights III
Leaf Lines III
Exotic Journey
Poppy Dance
Painter's Garden II
The Heavenly Art of Gardening
Spa Inspirations I
Garden Delights I
Oriental Diary
Garden Gateway
Oriental Blossoms I
Mystic Journey
Weatherprint_ Garden Dance I
Into the Light
Water Garden II
Persimmons ll
Poet's Cause(1)
Tapestry_ Summer Bloom
Painter's Garden I
Persimmons l
Garden Dance II
Weatherprint_ Orchid Lines I
After the Spa
Niki's Spa
Leaf Lines I
Spring Chorus
Poet's Passage
Orchid Lines I
Garden Ensemble
Elsa photo
Don Li-Leger

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